Vespa tours in Barolo – Barbaresco –  Roero

Your regional manager delivers the vespa at your hotel, takes the time to make your acquaintance, guides you through the trip of your choice, will show you the do’s and don’ts of vespa driving and will let you get a feel for the handling, in order for you to be ready for the trips.

Your route is visualised in a detailed road book with pictures, landmarks, maps, and much more. Or you can choose for modern technology by loading the route description onto your Ipad.

The Barolo route – preferably the starting route – guides you along eleven small wine producing villages, with the possibility to visit the interactive wine museum Wi Mu and the corkscrew museum Museo Cavatappi,  attend a grissini workshop at a traditional bakery and of course taste wine in some of the most historic wine cellars. Enjoy the panoramic viewpoint at Belvedere in La Morra, as well as the beautiful medieval setting of Castello Grinzane Cavour which, certainly for the Langhe Roero, offers the most beautiful view. Let us not forget Banca del Vino and Slow Food in Pollenzo; where you will get the most extensive overview of wine production in Italy.

The Barbaresco route takes you along a chapel where the Enoteca is housed and where you can fully enjoy this character wine; along Neive where you will find the most beautiful "Slow Food"-shop with a terrace to feast on local specialties, and along numerous other colourful locations.

For those who can spend more than two days or even seven days, there is a possibility to explore the Roero region on day 3. And for those who want to continue touring by vespa, we would suggest, via Dogliani, Cortemilia to contemplate the "other" Langhe. A journey of seven days, 10 days or even a fortnight stay: we suggest unique locations and tours; three days of touring by vespa but also activities for the remaining days which you can spend with a rented car or with your own car.

Activate your senses during a degustation dinner in one of the many Slow Food restaurants. Our suggested locations are also visited by the locals and reviews are continuously kept up to date. With our special tips, you avoid stepping into the umpteenth tourist trap! You will experience the most authentic of what Piedmont has got to offer, 24 hours a day; that is what we stand for! Your vespa trip will certainly be a blissful journey of discovery, amongst local craftsmen, a delightful cuisine in local restaurants and other must-see places.

There is something for everyone! For the 2020 Vespa season we would like to inform you about the themed vespa tours. You can choose between a standard package in which only your Vespa arrangement will be included (3 days of vespa) and a two to three-day theme tour with vespa plus a very specific themed stay and activity package.