Day 1 is entirely dedicated to the exploration of the Barolo area. Starting from Cherasco, a whole world of pleasure and tastings of local products opens up for you. Your 5 senses will be fully stimulated. You can also roll up your sleeves at a local bakery in Barolo where you will learn everything about the origin and production of Grissini during a hands-on workshop. You will taste wines at some of the most inspiring locations, taste the delicious Panna-Cotta/Chinotto ice cream in La Morra, taste Baci di Cherasco & visit a coffee-roasting factory. Later in the afternoon you are expected for a cooking workshop during which one of the local chefs of a traditional family-run restaurant will induct you into the Piedmontese kitchen. Afterwards it will be pure indulgence to have your self-prepared dinner, supplemented with custom wines.

On Day 2 you will go on a vespa tour to explore the Barbaresco region and to taste the wines & Slow Food in the most inspiring way. You will visit a wine grower (with a female leader), where you will savour their products at the terrace during a fascinating presentation, and enjoy the view at the hilly vineyards around you. Afterwards you continue the tour and you will taste cheese, salami and other Piedmontese products in the most charming village of the Barbaresco region. Later in the afternoon, you will attend a "dolce" workshop.

Those who want to continue on day 3, will definitely have their culinary satisfaction in the Roero area. Tastings of vegetables/fruit on syrup at Michele Cuniberto, wine tastings in the unique setting of a Ciabot, getting into action at la Mama a casa and cooking with the whole family. And, as a cultural touch, visiting one of the many castles.    

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