piemonte workshop 1-1 292x194

This vespa tour is a combination of enjoying Italy and going on a trip with a photographer who will take you into the nuts and bolts of photography, a hands-on workshop during which you will drive the vespa while making some snapshots under the guidance of a professional.

You can choose between two days with the photographer, or one day with photographer and another day of trying it yourself. The classic vespa tour will be slightly adapted to be able to visit those locations that allow you to fully concentrate on your passion: photography. Can you imagine how beautiful the results will be, after photographing the medieval looking villages; life as it is in the charming & picturesque village centres; the typical Piedmontese activities like the grape harvest, truffle hunt, the baker,butcher or cheese maker at work...etc.

Our photographer is a creative young talent with an exceptional view on how to achieve special effects.
You will visit some of the most beautiful spots that will allow you to take the most evoking shots. And all this of course with the vespa...