Truffles, Slow Food & Barolo! With this tour we will surprise you with a highly exclusive programme. Truffles, especially the White Alba Truffles, have in the last few years become a prestigious product for the happy few... This tour is pure indulgence... The White Alba truffle is one of the most coveted truffles in the world and of course only available starting from around October 8, a period with numerous celebrations in Alba to assist in. But also outside this period we have a program available for you. Take a look at both periods which both have their charm...

Period: White truffle Alba

Day 1: arrival at Cherasco and, after a briefing, departure from Arco di Trionfo by vespa or Fiat 500, depending on the weather conditions. Before noon, you will experience a trekking, during which we will participate in a truffle hunting/truffle workshop (duration 2 hours). This is a very unique experience combining a passive acquisition of knowledge with an active participation. You will get a captivating one-on-one guidance by the truffle hunter and an answer to the legendary "W" questions: who, what, why and when and of course the "how". Experience the interaction between dog and man and learn about the intimacies of truffle hunting which normally only circulate within the closed truffle hunter’s circuit. The light lunch with degustation of local traditional products is planned during a wine tasting at one of the master wine producers. In the afternoon you will continue  the regular tour along the sights of the eleven Barolo villages (Wi Mu, Museo Cavatappi, Castello Grinzane Cavour, Banca del Vino) and you will also have to roll up your sleeves at a local bakery where you will learn everything about the origin and production of Grissini during a hands-on workshop.

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In the evening, the inner man is strengthened as you choose either a menu with truffle degustation or a gastronomic menu in a historical setting.

For your overnight stay, we would suggest a unique hotel with a view at the vineyards, entirely dedicated to the prestigious cru Barolo wines. This is just the place to be for those who prefer a small hotel combined with the ultimate quality experience in a panoramic environment.

During day 2 you will explore the Barbaresco area by Vespa or Fiat 500, take a light lunch in a typical family-run restaurant and of course, savour some local products at different spots. Around 6 PM you are expected to return the vespa/Fiat 500, at which point you will be offered an aperitif. Unless of course you continue vespa touring a third day. If you want to make a vespa tour as a weekend activity, we can inform you that you have a very early morning flight on Friday and a late evening flight on Saturday, in order for you to be able to fully enjoy from start to end.

Optional - Suggestion Day 3: Vespa tour Roero region

Optional - Suggestion Day 4: Vespa Tour Alba Dogliani- Murazzano - Cortemilia - Borgomale - Benevello - Alba

Optional - Suggestion Day 5: Shopping, historic bars and cultural activities in and around Turin

Possibility to rent a car at the airport through one of our partners.


Period: ousite White truffle Alba: the programme is adjusted in the sense that instead of the White Alba truffle, the black truffle will be the main theme throughout the story. You have a greater chance for sunny, dry weather and nothing will keep you from living the Dolce Far Niente on the scooter.

The same goes for the two-day suggestion, possibly extended with a third day touring in Roero and other optional trips.