Vespa tours in Barolo – Barbaresco –  Roero

Your regional manager delivers the vespa at your hotel, takes the time to make your acquaintance, guides you through the trip of your choice, will show you the do’s and don’ts of vespa driving and will let you get a feel for the handling, in order for you to be ready for the trips.

Your route is visualised in a detailed road book with pictures, landmarks, maps, and much more. Or you can choose for modern technology by loading the route description onto your Ipad.

The Barolo route – preferably the starting route – guides you along eleven small wine producing villages, with the possibility to visit the interactive wine museum Wi Mu and the corkscrew museum Museo Cavatappi,  attend a grissini workshop at a traditional bakery and of course taste wine in some of the most historic wine cellars. Enjoy the panoramic viewpoint at Belvedere in La Morra, as well as the beautiful medieval setting of Castello Grinzane Cavour which, certainly for the Langhe Roero, offers the most beautiful view. Let us not forget Banca del Vino and Slow Food in Pollenzo; where you will get the most extensive overview of wine production in Italy.

The Barbaresco route takes you along a chapel where the Enoteca is housed and where you can fully enjoy this character wine; along Neive where you will find the most beautiful "Slow Food"-shop with a terrace to feast on local specialties, and along numerous other colourful locations.

For those who can spend more than two days or even seven days, there is a possibility to explore the Roero region on day 3. And for those who want to continue touring by vespa, we would suggest, via Dogliani, Cortemilia to contemplate the "other" Langhe. A journey of seven days, 10 days or even a fortnight stay: we suggest unique locations and tours; three days of touring by vespa but also activities for the remaining days which you can spend with a rented car or with your own car.

Activate your senses during a degustation dinner in one of the many Slow Food restaurants. Our suggested locations are also visited by the locals and reviews are continuously kept up to date. With our special tips, you avoid stepping into the umpteenth tourist trap! You will experience the most authentic of what Piedmont has got to offer, 24 hours a day; that is what we stand for! Your vespa trip will certainly be a blissful journey of discovery, amongst local craftsmen, a delightful cuisine in local restaurants and other must-see places.

There is something for everyone! For the 2020 Vespa season we would like to inform you about the themed vespa tours. You can choose between a standard package in which only your Vespa arrangement will be included (3 days of vespa) and a two to three-day theme tour with vespa plus a very specific themed stay and activity package.


Truffles, Slow Food & Barolo! With this tour we will surprise you with a highly exclusive programme. Truffles, especially the White Alba Truffles, have in the last few years become a prestigious product for the happy few... This tour is pure indulgence... The White Alba truffle is one of the most coveted truffles in the world and of course only available starting from around October 8, a period with numerous celebrations in Alba to assist in. But also outside this period we have a program available for you. Take a look at both periods which both have their charm...

Period: White truffle Alba

Day 1: arrival at Cherasco and, after a briefing, departure from Arco di Trionfo by vespa or Fiat 500, depending on the weather conditions. Before noon, you will experience a trekking, during which we will participate in a truffle hunting/truffle workshop (duration 2 hours). This is a very unique experience combining a passive acquisition of knowledge with an active participation. You will get a captivating one-on-one guidance by the truffle hunter and an answer to the legendary "W" questions: who, what, why and when and of course the "how". Experience the interaction between dog and man and learn about the intimacies of truffle hunting which normally only circulate within the closed truffle hunter’s circuit. The light lunch with degustation of local traditional products is planned during a wine tasting at one of the master wine producers. In the afternoon you will continue  the regular tour along the sights of the eleven Barolo villages (Wi Mu, Museo Cavatappi, Castello Grinzane Cavour, Banca del Vino) and you will also have to roll up your sleeves at a local bakery where you will learn everything about the origin and production of Grissini during a hands-on workshop.

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In the evening, the inner man is strengthened as you choose either a menu with truffle degustation or a gastronomic menu in a historical setting.

For your overnight stay, we would suggest a unique hotel with a view at the vineyards, entirely dedicated to the prestigious cru Barolo wines. This is just the place to be for those who prefer a small hotel combined with the ultimate quality experience in a panoramic environment.

During day 2 you will explore the Barbaresco area by Vespa or Fiat 500, take a light lunch in a typical family-run restaurant and of course, savour some local products at different spots. Around 6 PM you are expected to return the vespa/Fiat 500, at which point you will be offered an aperitif. Unless of course you continue vespa touring a third day. If you want to make a vespa tour as a weekend activity, we can inform you that you have a very early morning flight on Friday and a late evening flight on Saturday, in order for you to be able to fully enjoy from start to end.

Optional - Suggestion Day 3: Vespa tour Roero region

Optional - Suggestion Day 4: Vespa Tour Alba Dogliani- Murazzano - Cortemilia - Borgomale - Benevello - Alba

Optional - Suggestion Day 5: Shopping, historic bars and cultural activities in and around Turin

Possibility to rent a car at the airport through one of our partners.


Period: ousite White truffle Alba: the programme is adjusted in the sense that instead of the White Alba truffle, the black truffle will be the main theme throughout the story. You have a greater chance for sunny, dry weather and nothing will keep you from living the Dolce Far Niente on the scooter.

The same goes for the two-day suggestion, possibly extended with a third day touring in Roero and other optional trips.


Piedmont – with its beautiful panoramic views at the hills, the blooming vineyards and the historical setting of small villages - is the perfect background for photo shoots, your pre-wedding, wedding party and après-wedding. These will guarantee some unforgettable moments of romance and strong experiences!

From a rather limited happening of friends and family up to a large-scale event, our team takes care of every aspect from beginning to end, with an eye for details and a focus on what is important for you as a couple, and this while taking into account your budget. Do you prefer a cosy venue or site with a historical atmosphere? Pure originality, with an Ape Calessino? A one-day luxury experience cruising a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Maserati or rather a traditional limousine? If you want to give your guests an experience that will stay a hot topic for years to come, in which you and your guests will be absorbed in a whirlpool of blissful joy, you have certainly come to the right address.

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The classic two to three-day vespa tour combined with a programme in which the central theme will be: “made by women”. Wherever you have a tasting, lunch or dinner or have an activity, all places have one thing in common: a company led by an ambitious & enterprising woman. Someone who knows how to defend her position in the business climate of the Langhe Roero and who knows how to make the difference. This programme is ideal for those who can use some punch – not by attending a dull presentation or yet another congress or club evening, but by really experiencing things in practice settings –, for those who want to be inspired by talent abroad.

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In Langhe Roero, nearly every village has its castle. On day 1 of your vespa tour you will visit the Wi Mu museum (Barolo - Castello Falletti). In this museum you will start on the top floor and wind your way down through a trail with light and sound effects, ending up in the enoteca on the ground floor. The climate, the earth, the changing seasons with autumn colours, the silence of winter and the beautiful flourish of spring and summer, the hands that work the land. Wine and history, wine and art, wine in films & music, wine in literature and last but not least wine and slow food.

Your vespa tour will lead you along Castello Grinzane Cavour, where you will have the most beautiful view at the Langhe valley and you will experience the rich history of the castle with the help of an audio guide. Throughout  the route you will discover other little gems, and although they will not always be open to the public, they are still worth a moment of attention.

On day 2 you will start touring the Barbaresco area after which you will head to Govone where you will visit the castle. For a brief moment you will cross the border of the Asti area for a visit to the Marchesi Alfieri, well-liked by the Belgian Royals who have close ties with the owners of this castle. You will enjoy an excellent wine tasting at this very castle.

During the whole trail, you will also visit some of our classic tasting spots.

If you have another couple of days available, you could explore the Roero a bit further on day 3, and on day 4, you could head to Dogliani, Murazzano, Cortemilia, Borgomale.

It is always possible as well, to rent a car to cover the distance between Turin airport and Cherasco. For your overnight stays, we suggest a real gem of a stay, belonging to the heritage of the region.

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Bachelors get-away in Langhe Roero... something that will not be quickly forgotten! And that is how it should be, as this will be – together with the wedding party – one of the treasures to remember for both bride and groom.

This programme always starts from the viewpoint that each group has its own preferences and therefore, tailor-made solutions are essential. However, the vespa will be the base of your trip, possibly together with a trekking in the vineyards, a cooking session with la Mamma (in order for the groom and bride to learn “the right way” ), a tour along with the truffle hunter, a blind wine tasting at a wine producer and numerous other fun activities. And of course, at the last evening there will be a surprise for the bride and groom... Fill out the contact form and find out about programmes we can organizefor two-day trips (morning flight day 1, evening flight day 2), or longer trips.

For those who have more days available, a wellness (for the ladies) or the ultimate quad tour (for the gents) could also be realized. Other possibilities are a balloon flight with champagne breakfast, a tour with a carriage and pic nic amidst the vineyards, and for those with a “broader view”: why not an extra day tour with a Ferrari!

Transport from and to the Turin airport can also be arranged, either by mini shuttle or by fiat 500.




 piemonte workshop 1-1 292x194

This vespa tour is a combination of enjoying Italy and going on a trip with a photographer who will take you into the nuts and bolts of photography, a hands-on workshop during which you will drive the vespa while making some snapshots under the guidance of a professional.

You can choose between two days with the photographer, or one day with photographer and another day of trying it yourself. The classic vespa tour will be slightly adapted to be able to visit those locations that allow you to fully concentrate on your passion: photography. Can you imagine how beautiful the results will be, after photographing the medieval looking villages; life as it is in the charming & picturesque village centres; the typical Piedmontese activities like the grape harvest, truffle hunt, the baker,butcher or cheese maker at work...etc.

Our photographer is a creative young talent with an exceptional view on how to achieve special effects.
You will visit some of the most beautiful spots that will allow you to take the most evoking shots. And all this of course with the vespa...


Day 1 is entirely dedicated to the exploration of the Barolo area. Starting from Cherasco, a whole world of pleasure and tastings of local products opens up for you. Your 5 senses will be fully stimulated. You can also roll up your sleeves at a local bakery in Barolo where you will learn everything about the origin and production of Grissini during a hands-on workshop. You will taste wines at some of the most inspiring locations, taste the delicious Panna-Cotta/Chinotto ice cream in La Morra, taste Baci di Cherasco & visit a coffee-roasting factory. Later in the afternoon you are expected for a cooking workshop during which one of the local chefs of a traditional family-run restaurant will induct you into the Piedmontese kitchen. Afterwards it will be pure indulgence to have your self-prepared dinner, supplemented with custom wines.

On Day 2 you will go on a vespa tour to explore the Barbaresco region and to taste the wines & Slow Food in the most inspiring way. You will visit a wine grower (with a female leader), where you will savour their products at the terrace during a fascinating presentation, and enjoy the view at the hilly vineyards around you. Afterwards you continue the tour and you will taste cheese, salami and other Piedmontese products in the most charming village of the Barbaresco region. Later in the afternoon, you will attend a "dolce" workshop.

Those who want to continue on day 3, will definitely have their culinary satisfaction in the Roero area. Tastings of vegetables/fruit on syrup at Michele Cuniberto, wine tastings in the unique setting of a Ciabot, getting into action at la Mama a casa and cooking with the whole family. And, as a cultural touch, visiting one of the many castles.    

   piemonte kookworkshop 2-1 275x206


Vespa & Sports is the answer for those who are not that culture-minded, but have a desire to be particularly active, even during holiday. Quietly enjoying the vespa at first, and then, later the harder work: mountain biking or quad driving.

Day 1 Barolo & Co: Rendezvous at Cherasco for a delicious espresso of the producer Revello in the historic centre, where we will provide you with lots of information. After a short test drive combined with a visit to a coffee-roasting factory, you are ready for the trip. In La Morra you will have a tasting of organic wine with a selection of regional cheese and salami. Our standard route includes various tastings of local delicacies and hands-on workshops (e.g. grissini).

You have reached Pollenzo, Unesco world heritage, where you will visit the Banca del Vino and the cradle of Slow Food. In Cherasco, you will savour the Baci di Cherasco in Pasticceria Barbero (a delicious chocolate tasting). The hotel we would suggest is located close to a very nice hiking trail, in between hazelnut trees and vineyards. After a six hour vespa tour you can fully appreciate nature during a trekking through hazelnut trees and vineyards, and enjoy the pic nic aperitivo you brought along in your backpack.

Day 2 Barbaresco & Co: Before restarting the engine, you can go for a brisk walk or a jog along a trail that starts and ends at the hotel. Today, you will explore the Barbaresco region, taste wine on the top of a hill in an agriturismo and also visit a producer of delicious Barbera and Barbaresco wines. You will have a light lunch at the terrace of the cosiest village of the Langhe valley. On your route, you will taste many traditional products.

After having returned the vespa in Cherasco you can go for a jog on the walls of this historical city. You are then brought to your B&B; agriturismo or hotel, you have a refreshing shower and a short aperitivo. In case you have a two-day stay your shuttle will then take you to the airport.

For those who have 3 days available, we would suggest an extra day in the Roero, with the vespa, the mountain bike or quad. Those who can stay for another few days might consider daytrips to Turin, Savona coast, Milan or the lower parts of the Langhe region....

 piemonte wellness 1-4 x206

Ideal program for spring or autumn in which you combine your vespa tour with a bit of wellness.

Day 1: arrival at Cherasco, briefing while having a delicious espresso from Café Revello after which you are ready to go. The route will guide you along different tasting spots where you can enjoy some of the lovely traditionally produced delicacies... From making grissini to tasting truffle-based products, from Baci di Cherasco and nougat to honey, from visiting a coffee-roasting factory with tastings to an organic wine tasting with a delicious light lunch of cheese and salami. Not to mention the Italian Panna Cotta with Chinotto ice cream! Our suggestions for dinner depend on your choice of our proposed hotels, according to the date of your stay.

During day 2 you will explore the Barbaresco region; have a delicious lunch at probably the most beautiful terrace of the region, with an assortment of regional bites and wines (light lunch); enjoy the panoramic environment from atop a hill in an agriturismo and taste their excellent wines. You enjoy a demonstration of fresh pasta making at “mama a casa sua" or participate in a real cooking workshop in a traditional Piedmontese restaurant in the late afternoon with dinner afterwards.

Day 3 is completely dedicated to body & soul. You can choose from different programs:

A/ pure wellness including massages, hand care, face care treatments

B/ a half day wellness including a 1-hour massage and 1-hour face care treatment and half-day spiritual workshop

C/ a full day "spirituality & Zen experience" workshop

The workshop "spirituality & Zen experience" is given by our consultant during a one-on-one session or per couple or in group. The goal is to lift your mental wellness to a higher level after 1 day.

 piemonte wellness 2-2piemonte wellness 2-4